About Us

About Us

Augmo is an augmented reality based mobile application developed by Brown Button Pvt. Ltd. which was founded in 2016 March. The startup is based at Chennai (India).

Augmo mobile application superimposes digital contents on physical world with the help of image recognition. We wanted to change the way users see images in their day to day life that adds a huge value to our users, by being able to make better purchase decisions & be able to present interactive information.

As a design solution, Augmo speeds up the design approval process and cuts prototyping costs. For sales teams, Augmo helps increase sales, compliance, and efficiency. As a marketing solution, Augmo connects offline and online communications, improving engagement and facilitating decision making. For Omni-commerce, Augmo removes the guesswork by allowing customers to try the products in augmented reality at home before buying through their smartphones or tablets.

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